First Year: Fall 2015 - Spring 2016Edit


Sept.1st - First Day of First Year

Students Present from the beginning of play:


First Flying Lesson

  • Michael saves Nynis from falling off her broom, she makes a life debt bind with him

Duel in the Dungeons/A Daring Rescue

  • Desmond and Nynis duel in the potions classroom
  • Michael runs after a hysterical Scarlet, who has managed to pitch herself off a cliff and is barely hanging on.

Oct. 31st - Halloween Masquerade

  • Michael begins calling Scarlet 'Kitten'
  • Robert Fowler decides blood status is no longer important to him and begins to try and make friends
  • Sophie becomes friends with Robert
  • Nynis and Desmond are friends (of a sort) again


The Snowball Fight

  • Mike protects Scarlet
  • Sophie appears to have developed a small crush on Robert by the point
  • Enter the IceGolem

Flashbacks and Hallucinations

  • Nynis thinks back to her childhood during a History of Magic lesson
  • Later on, Desmond mistakes Scarlet for his dead mother due to their similar looks


Will you go with me?

  • Robert talks to Nynis about the their family homes and the Yule Ball
  • Desmond aslo asks Nynis, he his rejected
  • Sophie hears about Robert talking to Nynis and becomes quite upset

A Slumber Party in the Roost

  • Scarlet suggests a slumber party, kicks all the boys out of the common room
  • Desmond uses some sort of curse on Michael
  • Nynis almost joins the party, but Scarlet doesn't want her too, so she feels hurt and goes up to her dorm.
  • Scarlet takes Michael to the Hopsital Wing
  • Sophie goes to comfort Nynis.

The Room of Requirement 1

  • Sophie, incredibly upset over what Nynis has told her finds the Room of Requirement
  • Robert, after seeing her run past crying, goes after her .

Winter Wondertales

  • Robert asks Nynis to the Yule Ball
  • Esme and Desmond spend the holiday together
  • Sophie gets her owl, Obsidian
  • Scarlet gets her cat, Socks
  • Hayley Harrison runs away from home to attend Hogwarts.
  • Robert's family life continued as it always had

Dec. 26th - The Yule Ball

  • Sophie was crushed that Robert attended the ball with Nynis
  • Hayley was mostly confused about what was going on, and hung out with Glenister for the most part.
  • Robert and Desmond get into a fight, Des punches Robert in the face for hurting Sophie's feelings
  • Hayley tries to warn Des that he could get in trouble then goes back to Common Room for the night
  • Scarlet and MIke go on romantic walk
  • Scarlet recieves a letter informing her that her sister has taken a fall from her broom and died
  • Desmond goes to Scarlet to comfort her and prove he is not his father, and nearly ends up cursing her
    • he loses his wand (his mother's old one) in the process
  • Desmond ends up in the lake, Scarlet saves his life

Lake Time

  • Hayley and Robert take a walk
  • Sophie talks to Nynis about Robert and the ball
  • Sophie returns to Common Room, talks to Michael about the whole issue.
  • Scarlet returns and finds the two of them together and all hell breaks loose.
    • Michael and Scarlet have a falling out
  • After Sophie falls into the lake, Hayley and Scarlet go to save her.
    • Scarlet gets Sophie to Hospital Wing
    • Robert goes in after Hayley and pulls her out, gets her to Hospital Wing
  • Robert encounters Seamus Cloak, then talks to Sophie
    • things are worked out between them
  • Meanwhile, Desmond meets some centaurs and Nynis learns some curses

January - AprilEdit

  • skipped in play, classes happen


End of Term Feast and Journey Home

  • Quinn Sullivan Hughes is introduced
  • Michael and Scarlet are still in the rough
  • Scarlet and Sophie are back on good terms
  • Hayley has made friends with them
  • Robert and Sophie are friends, but seem hesitant (Robert especially) about being more
  • Sophie invites Scarlet, Robert, Hayley and Michael to spend a week at her home
  • Hayley is invited and accepts Scarlet's offer of spending the first part of her summer in France
  • Robert devises a plan to get Hayley to Sophie's
    • explains that he can't be seen with her once they arrive at the platform because of his parents

June - August: Summer HolidaysEdit


  • Desmond's uncle dies
  • Funeral at the Ministry (where he runs into Scarlet and Sophie)
  • moves into an orphanage

Summer at Sophie's

  • Scarlet arrives, then Michael
    • they make up
  • Robert helps Hayley to get away from her parents and go to Sophie's
    • she meets and strikes up an instant friendship with his little sister, Elisa Fowler
    • by the end of the school year, and definitely now, Hayley has begun to have a little bit of a crush on Robert.
  • The girls ambush the boys with nail polish and glitter
    • Robert admits to Michael that he is not interested in Sophie in that way
    • Hayley and Scarlet hear this
    • Robert, in retaliation for the glitter attack, kisses Scarlet
    • Michael punches him
  • The group goes to the Ministry of Magic, encounters the Warren Funeral
    • Scarlet and Sophie attempt to comfort Desmond
    • Scarlet gets lost, falls and cuts her head
  • They spend the rest of the week hanging out and doing some shopping

Second Year: Fall 2016 - Spring 2017Edit


New Characters
On the Train
  • Sophie and Hayley sit together, discussing relationships and why 12 years old it too young to be serious.
  • They are joined by a new student, a transfer from Durmstrang, Lanna Aquarra, and Scarlet joins them. Roberts does as well, but leaves quickly to find Nynis
  • Nynis and Jas make up, and Robert spends the train ride with them. During this it is revealed that he may soon be betrothed. It also becomes apparent that Nynis and Jas are betrothed to each other.
  • Desmond joins Hayley, Lanna, Scarlet and Sophie and they discuss what they're looking forward to.
  • There were a couple small incidents of wandless magic, reintroducing the gift's of Hayley and Desmon (shocking and telekenisis)
  • Eventually they all make it into a carriage and Elavial Mirkwood is properly introduced

Welcome Feast/First Night

  • Nynis makes a comment regarding Scarlet's veela blood, which Scarlet was recently informed she had
  • Sophie returns to the feast from spending some quality time with her owl, Obsidion, and mentions he is acting odd.
  • Later that evening Obsidion attacks Lanna and chaos ensues. Sophie is roughly awakened by Hayley and asked to explain
  • During the Feast, the EIBSC Cup is announced (quiddy tourney for those above 15, opening spots on the house teams for younger students)
  • Elavial then proceeds to give tarot readings to a few of the students:Lanna, Sophie, Robert and Scarlet
    • Sophie's describes a secret she's keeping
    • Robert's describes the possible girls he could end up with
    • Scarlet's describe a sudden loss, or conflict
  • The next morning, Ela makes her first prediction.