Aftermath is the collective name for a number of stories set just after the (muggle) second world war. It is mainly about a group of wizards who fight the rampant dark wizards in the devastated post-war Europe.

Though not strictly speaking part of the Life of Magic universe, there are some hints that the two share a timeline. See below for a list of those.

Aftermath I: Birds of a FeatherEdit

This first installment begins with Hugo Allbrass waiting in a cafe in Liege for the arrival of members of a new team that is to fight dark wizards. Most of the team arrives and introduces themselves.

The group then moves to Odette's, an abandoned bar that has been hidden from muggles through magic, which will form their headquarters. Here the last expected team member, Marie Boogaart , arrives too. She explains that she is late because, Nightmoth, one of her contacts, wasn't home when she called on him and it's got her suspicious.

Now that the whole team is here, Allbrass explains that in the area of Liege, two strange things have been going on.

In the village of Jupille-ser-Meuse, children are disappearing mysteriously from their bedrooms. Part of the team needs to go and help a baffled muggle inspector solve the mystery and find the children.

There is an army base near Beyne-Heusay where the some of the soldiers have come down with a strange illness. Furthermore, some of the soldiers swear they saw ghosts in the surrounding forest. The commander, described as a "straight talking Texan" won't have any of it.

Victor, Jonathan and Marie (see list of members below) go to the army base. Victor knows the commander and would be able to get them in.

Gabrielle, Marrisa, Odek and Otto are off to the village. Odek lives there but has been away for a while with the war going on.


Aftermath II: KoscheiEdit

The story picks up in 1948, three years after the events of Aftermath I.

A series of highly suspicious deaths starts to show a very disturbing pattern when it becomes clear that all of the victims have worked with Hugo Allbrass in the past. Marie Boogaart is the first target to survive an attack. Together with Wim Visser, she rushes to check up on Hugo.


Members of the teamEdit

  • Gabrielle (Scarlet Irisa)
  • Hugo Allbrass (Finn Cullen)
  • Jonathan Warren (Desmond Warren)
  • Marie Boogaart (Alexander Backwood)
  • Marissa Blanton (Hayley Harrison)
  • Odek (Wesley Eddison)
  • Victor (Rebekah Wilder)
  • Wim Visser (Ronja Liek)

Communicator codewords and their ownersEdit

  • Gold ring: "Broadsword" - Hugo
  • Ruby ring: "Sagitarius" - Victor
  • Bracelet: "Montgomery" - Marrisa
  • Lighter: "Patronus" - Odek
  • Pocket watch: "Virtue" - Jonathan
  • Locket: "Manifest" - Gabrielle
  • Medal: "Brooklyn" - Marie

Links with Life of MagicEdit

  1. Hugo Allbrass, who leads the team, appears as the DADA teacher in Life of Magic.
  2. Marissa Blanton visits Allbrass in the primary characters' fourth year to discuss a few things concerning the auror's office, where she works now, and the school. Multiple references are made to their past.