Avalon Academy is a magical school exclusively for pureblood children aged between eleven and seventeen years of age.

School Life and Symbolism

The school is smaller than Hogwarts both in terms of numbers of pupils and diversity of classes. It exclusively accepts Pureblood pupils, or occasionally an Intermingled pupil from an otherwise good family. These 'mongrels' tend to have a hard time of it though.

Pupils of Avalon wear a school uniform in different shades of blue, with deep blue cloaks overall. The symbol of the school is a golden apple which appears on the breast of the cloaks and on the school banners. The school grounds include some apple orchards, including some magically active trees whose fruit is very closely guarded as having magical properties.


Avalon Academy is slightly out of phase with normal reality (they term it "shifty") and unless the magical portals are opened a Muggle could walk right over the site and never see it (or be seen). The portal is located just south of the town of Glastonbury. Once activated mists rise from the lowlands around the portal and cover the ground... which is now actually a shallow lake. Visitors tend to be met by boats and ferried across to the island of Avalon where the school is based.

Miscellaneous Details

Avalon Academy is made up of a series of beautifully decorative buildings in white stone, including one tall tower (The Tower of the Moon). Two curved galleries ("The Waxing and Waning Crescent Galleries") border the central courtyard where the oldest apple tree stands.

The headmistress of Avalon is Madame Vervain, a steely eyed woman with a will of iron.

The curriculum is oriented towards teaching the students traditional wizarding culture and preparing its pupils for life as the aristocracy of the Wizarding World. It is an irritating fact of life that despite Avalon's exclusivity some of the more powerful Pureblood dynasties still send their offspring to Hogwarts, gaining prestige from the longer traditions of that school and the wider curriculum and better teaching

The school has a chapter of the Witches League in it and nearly all female students are a member of it. Presumably the same can be said for the Trailblazers.