Prof. Trawbyhide in the field


Subject Taught: Care of Magical Creatures

Other duties: Head of Gryffindor

Description: His face and shoulders are broad. His arms are muscled, due to having to tug around magical beasts a lot. Together with a light shimmer of facial hair, this makes his presence hard to ignore and even intimidating for the weak-hearted. On the other hand, this is the kind of posture you want around when a hippogriff goes berserk.

Personality: He does not like whiners and sassieboys, meaning that he has very little patience with the house of Hufflepuff as a rule of thumb. Furthermore, he carries a firm prejudice in favour of his own house, Gryffindor. Not so much for Ravenclaw. He reckons the children from that house are 'insufferable know-it-alls who could use a good wrestle with a niffler'. 

Memorable Quote: Upon a Ravenclaw being hit by an angry unicorn. "Stand up, pityful boy. No one has ever died from a little bleeding." "Actually sir ..." "Don't get smart on me."

---copied from the roost professor profiles