Caleb Owen



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Charms and Defense against the Dark Arts

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Caleb is a particularly skilled long distance runner

Early LifeEdit

Caleb Owens is the youngest child of David and Cassandra Owens. He was born on November the 5th, 2004. His father was not present, having instead chosen to remain home with his drink. The family had fallen on hard times long before Caleb was born, and truth be told the family could not afford one child, let alone a 4th. Caleb was openly resented by his parents and three older sisters, who saw him as just another burden.

His father was an abusive drunk who verbally and physically abused both his children and his wife. This only increased over time as what in his great grandfather's time had been a grand fortune was finally diminished to nothing. His father blamed their troubles on filthy muggles and their offspring, though it was never clear why. It didn't really matter the cause, so long as he had a target. Scrapes and bruises were not an uncommon sight in the Owen household.

His mother, who at one time had been a rather beautiful young woman, suffered greatly, but never left her husband. Her beauty was shared by his sisters, who pushed past their pain and never thought to hate the man doling it out. All four simply shaped up their behavior according to what David wanted from them at the time. This gave Caleb certain lasting impressions.

Years 1-3Edit


Caleb Owens, age 13

Caleb's entrance into Hogwarts was fairly uneventful. His sister's all attended Avalon, their tuition supported by a generous aunt. He was not given this privalage, but did not particularly mind. At 11 years old, odd ideas were already beginning to swirl.

He was sorted into Slytherin house with a speed that was unnerving. The hat looked visibly shaken when it was lifted from his auburn head, and took a long time with the next student to recover. Caleb was too obscure, however, to be noticed by many of his housemates, and was content to be alone.

He spent his holidays at the school, where he came to know every nook and cranny as intimately as he knew his home. Sometimes he would watch the other students that stayed for the holidays, especially the pretty ones, and imagine interacting with them.

By the end of his 3rd year at Hogwarts, he had caught the attention of Seamus Cloak who appreciated his mindset. He began acting as a member of Cloak's little group of bullies.

Fourth YearEdit

Caleb rose to noteriety during his fourth year, when he was able to bring important information to Cloak about the status of the relationship (or lack there of) between Hayley Harrison and Robert Fowler and of the latter's new relationship with Sophie MacMillan . Cloak used this information (and Caleb) to targed both Scarlet Irisa and Hayley to make sure neither of them interfered with Robert's new relationship.

Caleb does not always act with Seamus's permission. Once so far he has attacked Hayley with very little provocation, because he could. She was rude to him, and he wanted to teach her a lesson. His father had shown him very clearly how pretty girls were to be taught, and Caleb and learned well.

After that attack, he backed off, not wanting to raise suspicions. Now his actions are only threats, a teasing word or two behind the backs of the professor's.