Christophe Renard


November 17th 2004

Paris, France



Blood Status

Pure Blood - One Quarter Veela Blood

Best Subject

Flying and Defence Against the Dark Arts

Early LifeEdit

Christophe Renard was born on November 17th 2004. He's an only child but his cousin, Scarlet, is almost like a sister to him. His father Nicolas Renard is originally french, but grew up in England, where as Christopher's mother, Christelle Renard (nee Rosalita) lived in France her whole life, and was Scarlet's mother's sister, and because of his heritage also is Pure Blood with a quarter veela blood, though it doesn't affect him quite the same as it would affect female part veelas.

Christophe grew up in Paris, though he often stayed in England, visiting his father's parents, so h

Christopher Renard - Aged 15

e is fluent in English and French. As he is an only child, and lived close to his cousin, they became extremely close, right up until the time Scarlet went to school at Hogwarts, in England, and Christophe stayed in France to attend
Alexander Ludwig

Christopher Renard

Beauxbatons as his mother wanted him to.

Christopher did go to a muggle primary school, as he did not start showing magical signs until he was 9 years old, which is later than the age of 7 where the signs usually begin showing themselves more strongly. Even though he didn't began magical tuition early like Scarlet, he first flew a broom when he was 3 years old, and over the years grown to love all aspects of flying, and it become one of his talents.

In Christopher's third year at Beauxbatons, his mother passed away, which caused Christopher and his father much pain and grief, but affected his father worse than Christopher himself. Nicolas saw fit to take Christopher out of Beauxbatons and enrol him at Hogwarts, like he'd originally wanted.

Fourth YearEdit

Christopher arrived at Hogwarts half way through the Autumn Term of his fourth year. It was surprise as only his family in France new about the move from Beauxbatons, and so his cousin, Scarlet, was thrilled, and Christopher immediately started becoming friends with people in the group.

When he first arrived one of the first people he met was Sophia MacMillan, who he instantly took a liking to, but as she was in a relationship with Robert Fowler at the time, he couldn't do anything about this, but when they broke up, he began to get closer to Sophie. Not entirely intentionally, as he was trying to keep his distance, as it would be rude of him to go after someone so soon after their relationship had ended. It was at the roof-top sleepover that they admitted their feelings for each other and began their relationship. Christopher was also invited to Fowler Manor for the holidays, though there are currently some complications in his relationship with Sophie to do with her grandmother's wishes for her to be betrothed, and Christopher starting to panic when Sophie starts taking about marriage with him.

Other than working on his flying skills since he came to Hogwarts, and managing to become a reserve on the ravenclaw quidditch team, Christopher has also been working on his Defence Against the Dark Arts skills. One evening he was in a deserted classroom working on the Patronus Charm, when he managed to produce a full patronus, and it was witnessed by Professor Albrass, who convinced Christopher to attend Professor Esquire's academic group to try and advance his talents in Defence Against the Dark Arts. He managed to repeat the patronus, and managed to catch it's form, which is a fully grown male lion, quite intimidating.