C. tully
Role: Professor

Subject Taught: Divination

Any other duties: Overseer of the Divination Workshop, held in the Great Hall.

Description: A middle-aged woman of average height and pear-shaped body, with fine wrinkles, creasing her face. Dresses in long skirts and dress shirts, with sleeves always rolled up. She has dark red hair that's always held in a braid and dark green eyes.

Personality: Professor Tully does not possess the Inner Eye, but has a wide range of knowledge when it comes to Divination and it's techniques. She always tries to make the classes practical, rather than theoretical. She doesn't expect much from her students, knowing that Divination has some form of guess-work and has often wondered if there is any point of teaching them at all. Al thought, her personality can come off as being apathetic and nonchalant about the subject, outside of the class-room, she is quite charming and humorous. 

Quirks: She has a habit of maintaining eye-contact but just with the persons left eye. It is unclear why.

---Copied from the Roost Professor Profiles.