Elisa Fowler

Date of birth

July 10th, 2009



Interesting tidbit

She likes drawing, but most of her work is only ever seen by Robert


Elisa Fowler, age 7

Elisa Fowler is the only daughter of Bartimeus and Dorothea Fowler , and young sister of Robert Fowler.

Age 6Edit

We hear about Elisa for the first time during Robert Fowler's first year when he mentions her to Hayley Harrison.

It's apparent that Elisa is growing up in a strictly protected environment, with little to no idea of what the outside world is like (much to the worry of her brother). For example, since Hogwarts is a castle, and she gets most of her ideas from fairy tales, she assumes that princes and princesses must live there (her brother included). Letters she writes to Robert are censored and edited by her mother , presents are picked out and given in her name (sometimes very transparently so ) and she's only allowed to leave the grounds of her house under supervision.

Already at this age she has dreams of freedom sometimes, which expresses itself in drawings she makes. Her brother Robert is the only and devoted fan of her drawings, and she tends to save them for him (her own parents show little interest in them) so he can keep them in his room. In reality he hides the ones with dangerous backstories in his desk to keep them from their parents' eyes.

Age 9Edit

At the Christmas ball, Elisa was with Hayley Harrison when the latter was attacked. Hayley, prior to being caught, put a disillusionment charm on Elisa and told her to run and hide. Elisa was later found in a flowerbed clutching Hayley's wand.

Currently, she's in therapy and uses some medication (mostly to help her sleep).

Elisa Fowler