Esme Warren



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Cousin to Desmond Warren

Family Background: Mother and Father are Muggles but divorced when Esme was six. Her mother moved to America and she lived with her father in London for a few months. Unfortunately, her father was involved in a mysterious incident and resides in St Mungos . Esme went to live with her Uncle and cousin Desmond Warren. She has an older brother called Oliver who has already graduated Hogwarts and was in Ravenclaw. Her brother lives in London and works for a muggle bank, rejecting the Wizarding world as he blames it for his parents divorce and his fathers accident.

Physical Description: Long black hair, blue eyes, skinny and generally thought of as attractive. Brief Personality: Outsider, gentle and caring but she has a quick temper which comes out when she is hurt. She hates huge social situations and change but loves to be own her own most of the time Special Possessions: Her grandfathers pocket watch Classes Currently Enrolled In: [none yet] Best Magical Talent: Transfiguration Worst Magical Talent: Quidditch / Broom flying Best Non-Magical Talent: Writing Wost Non-Magical Talent: Painting Likes: Books, reading, chocolate, chrisps, muggle food, nail polish, films, quiet days in, October Dislikes: rain, eggs, confrontation, prejudice, spinich, bats and insects Favourite Quote: too many Greatest Fear: Never finding someone to love Dreams for the Future: Working with animals

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