The Life of Magic universe assumes that the entire staff from Harry Potter canon has been replaced by 2015. Consequently, the heads of houses have been renewed too. The only remaining staff member from Harry Potter canon is Madam Pomfrey, the nurse.


Ancient Runes Harod Morloch
Arithmancy Leonard Esquire
Astronomy -
Charms Valerie Valentine
Care of Magical Creatures Bertinius Trawbyhide
Defence against the Dark Arts Hugo Allbrass
Divination Ciaomhe Tully
Flying Alyssa Aira
Herbology Adrianna Bumbershoot
History of Magic Marissa Gregory


Soachalm Diverques

(in 2018 Valerie Valentine took over half of the Transfiguration lessons so Diverques could take care of family problems)

Special PositionsEdit

  • 1998-2001: Minerva McGonagall; resigned
  • 2001-2008: Barnabus Ehrlich; died
  • 2008- : Charles Mayhew
Nurse Poppy Pomfrey
Head of Gryffindor Bertinius Trawbyhide
Head of Hufflepuff Adrianna Bumbershoot
Head of Ravenclaw Leonard Esquire
Head of Slytherin Harod Morloch
Quidditch Referee

Alyssa Aira

(also teaches flying to first years)