Joanne smethwyck

Auror Joanne Smethwyck

Joanne Smethwyck graduated Hogwarts as a Gryffindor Prefect. She recieved Outstanding scores on her NEWTS in both DADA and Charms work, and Exeeds Expectations in everything else. 

After her three years of mandatory Auror training she was admitted to the force in 2012. While she is field trained and regularly passes her field exams, she is often more involved in the forensics side of the investigation. She has recieved further training in the conducting of interviews and interrogations, and works primarily in information gathering rather than suspect obtaining. 

Since joining the force she has headed four successful investigations and worked on countless others. 

The Muhn CaseEdit

Auror Smethwyck was assigned to the Muhn case in early 2016. While she has worked tirelessly to gather more information on both the boy and his kidnapper, not much headway has been made in finding either of them.

The Harrison CaseEdit

After the very public kidnapping of Miss Harrison, Smethwyck was called in to handle the interviews of the witnessess because of her familiarity with Maze's most recent known kidnapping. 

While not leading the case, it is currently her job to sort out the useful from the mundane in the contents of the dozens of interviews taken the night of the event and after.