Julius Sulpice



Blood status


Best subject(s)

Charms, he guesses, but 'best' is a relative term

Interesting tidbit

Is secretly dating a halfbreed Ravenclaw

Second yearEdit

Julius Sulpice is a Slytherin, and part of the clique around Seamus Cloak. As a halfblood in the house of Slytherin, he has a lot to gain from Cloak's protection. However, he is treated as - for lack of a better word - the resident buttmonkey by the others, who are all at least two years older.

By the time he meets Scarlet Irisa (through witnessing her excessive bullying) he already has some doubts about the merit of his group of friends, but not nearly the courage to break away from it. The "pretty Eagle girl" gives him a little more motivation though. Part of this may be due to veela attraction, there's no way to tell for sure.

Eventually, he approaches her in the library, reasoning somewhat accurately that his 'friends' would not set foot in there unless they absolutely had to. She's wary at first (he is one of the bullies, from her perspective) but seems more forgiving than he'd even wished for.

Thoroughly infatuated, he rushes to arrange a next meeting. All in secret, naturally. Things turn awkward when he finds Scarlet accompanied by her very muggleborn friend Hayley Harrison. Suffice it to say the two don't instantly bond. In a moment where Scarlet is gone, Hayley warns Julius that if he hurts Scarlet in any way she will make him pay for it.

Fourth yearEdit

After a year, the friendship between Julius and Scarlet seems to have bloomed into something quite a bit more. Julius adores Scarlet, that much is clear (again, the part her veela blood plays in that is impossible to measure) and Scarlet has definite feelings for him.

Scarlet invites him to a homecoming party two Gryffindor girl have organised. After some hesitation, telling his friends he's meeting some unnamed girl, he goes into the lion's den and is happy to find Scarlet there. He ends up in an argument with Michael Boot, Scarlet's ex-boyfriend, who eventually retreats and leaves the two to be. They talk for a bit at which point their first kiss just sort of ... happens.