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Early LifeEdit

Lanna Aquarra is first year Ravenclaw, daughter of her witch mother, Kailee Spencer Aquarra and muggle father, Aidan Aquarra. She has two siblings: one younger sister, Abigail Aquarra and one older brother, (Nathan Aquarra) who is attending Hogwarts, after much persuasion from his mother to his elders. As a half-blood, she sometimes worries about her blood status and how it will affect her at the wizarding school (being ridiculed). This is due to the fact that her previous school had mocked her about it. Her parents have established fairly stable careers, in the muggle world and the wizarding world. Her mother works at Gringotts Bank, while her father is an accountant in the muggle world.

Lanna’s relatives have not all been linked to Hogwarts. In fact, almost none of them are. Lanna’s parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents, (on her mother’s side) have all attended Durmstrang Institute for their magical upbringing, which therefore reflects a slightly dark outlook upon the Spencers.

Lanna Aquarra

Of course, the Spencers are already known to be a shady bunch; blackmail, illegal dealings, and con artists surround their name, making them even more trouble that what it seems to be. Outsiders looking in on the family can perceive the Spencer folk to be evil, and mixed in with the fact that they all attended Durmstrang, increases the theory even more. Durmstrang, as everyone in the magical world knows, is a school that focuses directly on the Dark Arts. It is no surprise when fellow Dark witch or wizard emerges from the school, and therefore, it is automatically assumed that the Spencers (having associated with Durmstrang) may be as such.

Initially, her mother wished for Lanna to attend Hogwarts, Witchcraft and Wizardry. She thought highly of the school and thought it would be good for her daughter. However, her elders wished otherwise, and, eventually bearing down upon their daughter, Kailee, she grudgingly agreed to place her own daughter into Durmstrang.

Lanna was there for only a few months until she grew tiresome, still wanting to attend the school, Hogwarts, that her mother spoke quite highly of. A year passed, and she finished Durmstrang as a first year. However, she still desired to attend Hogwarts, wanting a school that provides a wider range of education than to only Dark Arts. Most of the students there were all pure-bloods, and they ended up teasing her about her half-blood status (half-clean blood). Because of this, Lanna is very sensitive about being a half-blood, and wants to get as far as she can from that school.

After many heated discussions including her mother, her grandparents, and herself, it was agreed upon that she would attend Hogwarts. She was to transfer into the school whenever it was deemed alright to join. Thus, it was decided that she would be a part of Hogwarts. Lanna was very happy about this change, but also had a new fear wash over her. She began to worry of what people would think of her. Previously attending Durmstrang, but suddenly transferring? Why? Daughter of con-artists? She could already see the questions arising, and coupled with the fact that the Spencers were not the most popular family around, she was beginning to fret over her situation. She hoped that everything would be alright when she arrived.

Physically speaking, Lanna is of average height for her age, and is fairly slim. Black hair rests a few inches past her shoulders, having a slightly wavy attribute. She has no bangs; her parting line strikes down the middle of her forehead. Also, having acquired the Aquarra gene, she has dark green eyes and pale skin.

As for Lanna’s personality, she’s a relatively shy girl, and quite introverted. It takes a little effort to open her up and have to speak her mind to one of her peers. With her friends, she may be more open, but the introvert in her is very dominant. She’s quite smart, and catches onto things quickly. Her self-esteem isn’t very high either; she doesn’t think particularly highly of herself and would rather not have any major attention drawn to her. She isn’t really one to have many friends, but only a few close ones that she can really open up to. She’s very cautious of making mistakes, and hates it when she does. Because of this, she’s always plays it safe, and rarely takes unnecessary risks and keeps to herself during classes and most occasions.

Since her mother’s bloodline, the Spencers, are quite the dominant gene, naturally traits of the stealthy nature have been passed onto her. She’s quite lithe; she can move quickly without stumbling over herself or running into a wall. Another trait from the Spencer family is that she is extremely stubborn, in a good way and in a bad way. It doesn’t matter if the choices she is set on are good or bad, she’ll stick to it anyway, and no one can talk her out of it. It is also odd, how the adventurous streak that all Spencers possess is not in her. Rather, she has the complete opposite; not taking any risks and holding back. It’s suggested that perhaps her father did influence that gene upon his daughter.

--- copied from her profile on this thread.

Second YearEdit