Maze's griffin, Morgana

The Beast Lord Maze controls many creatures both magical and ordinary but the most feared of his servants is the griffin Morgana.

Sporting the body and hind legs of a lion, the front half of an eagle and an impressive wingspan of 7 meters (approx. 23 feet), Morgana is a formidable opponent.

Despite her size, she is quite agile, however, small spaces make it difficult for her to be particularly effective, as was discovered during her attack on Robert Fowler and Hayley Harrison during their second year at Hogwarts.

That being said, open spaces are her playground. She can do a lot of damage with very little effort on her part. Her vision is keen, darkness doesn't present a problem for her as it does for her prey. Griffins, like their cousins, the hippogriff, are generally loyal creatures and Morgana is no different. She serves only The Beastlord and will do his bidding so long as she is capable.