Nynis Kennyrarnith



Blood Status:

Pure Blood

Best Subject(s):

Herbology,CoMC, and DADA

Interesting Tidbit:

Her family breeds dragons in Russia

Physical DescriptionEdit

A girl with pixie build, Nynis has long raven black hair and piercing dark. almost black, brown eyes. A scar is marring her face, from her upper right side of the face to the bottom left. It's not an ugly scar, almost faded, but it's still there. She's usually dressed in black clothes with her house's crest on them.


Nynis is a smart, almost nerdy girl. She is almost always calm, but she can fight back if provoked. Nynis wants in the top five of her class and studies hard for it. Her best subject is CAre of Magical Creatures, her worst is Transfiguration. She has two pets, a cat named Artanis and an owl called Nestor. She ahs the tendency of muttering herself in Russian, when studying or when she's doing soemthing and concentrates on her work.


Nynis comes from an influential aristocratic family in Russia. She lives with her family in a big mansion hidden in the woods. Both of her parents are powerful individuals and are employed as dragon breeders. Nynis has always loved animals because of it.

Story HooksEdit

Nynis is afraid of water, because she almost drowned in the river nearby her home. When she finishes Hogwarts, she wants to become a caretaker of sick magical creatures.

--- all copied from profile in this thread.