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Early lifeEdit

Robert George Fowler was born on May 10th 2004 as the heir to the Fowlers , and was raised accordingly. He was taught how to use a wand, which subjects you can and can't bring up in polite conversation, how to order around the servants of the house, and other such things befitting to a future master of the house.

The most important lesson he was taught was that the only proper wizards in this world are the pureblooded ones. By age five, he could name the great wizarding families of Britain, secretly memorising them by snippets of what his grandmother Violet thought about them.

As his little sister Elisa became old enough to walk and talk, Robert was starting to get a mind of his own. And a bright mind at that. He believed his family's view on the importance of blood, yes, but critical questions were never far from his mouth, to the annoyance of his parents. He always got along well with Elisa though.

Despite extensive training in how to use a wand, even before Robert was legally allowed to own one, he never quite managed to become fast enough to be a good duellist.

His eleventh birthday came near and he was about to start his magical education. His parents wanted him to go to Avelon at first, but when he said he wanted to go to Hogwarts because it was bigger there was not much resistance.

Frankly, they were glad to not answer his questions all year round.

First yearEdit

Robert arrived to Hogwarts sure that his blood alone would make him someone to respect. That cocky attitude got its first blow when he was sorted, not in Slytherin as was expected of him, but in Ravenclaw. This landed him between a mix of people, with varying bloodstatus.

During the first two months, he discovered that when it came down to it, purity of blood had little to do with whom he liked or not. Afraid to mingle with the other students, who acted swo differently from what he had grown up with, he remained secluded while trying to find a place in Hogwarts. During the Halloween ball he decided that he would stop caring about blood and asked an unknown Ravenclaw to dance. That girl was Sophie MacMillan .

Things kind of took off from there.

Before he knew it, he was tangled in a complicated kind-of-relationship with Sophie, had made a seemingly life-long enemy in Scarlet Irisa (they would not be found in the same room if they did not share their friends) and put up with Desmond Warren 's dark mood while never much liking him, despite knowing that with Desmond's bloodline it would be wise to.

As Christmas approached, Robert was drawn to Nynis Kennyrarnith , who he saw as the one stable person between Scarlet's tantrums and on-off relationship with Michael Boot , Sophie, and Desmond. Not to mention that he felt that Scarlet was driving his friends away from him. Nynis didn't like Scarlet either so that worked for him. He decided to ask Nynis to the Yule Ball, partly because Nynis was a Russian pureblood straight from his father's genealogy books. When Sophie found out about this, more hysterics ensued. Another crack in his already tumultous relationship with her.

Again he found himself wanting someone normal to talk to, and now Nynis was a no-go, he needed to look elsewhere. Conveniently, a new girl had just arrived the day before, with a blissful air of normalcy about her: Hayley Harrison . Through the rest of the year, he and Sophie stayed good friends but as far as he was concerned not much more than that. He was still glad when she invited him and all of her friends to stay over for part of the summer. Maybe things were not yet lost with her.

Second YearEdit

Robert returned to Hogwarts after spending the last week of his holidays at Sophia MacMillan's house. Due to a miraculously succesful plan Hayley could also be there, despite her parents intially opposing the idea. His feelings for Sophie got confused again. Maybe he did like her, although he could not help noticing how Sophie seemed eratic and sometimes overbearing compared to Hayley.

Third YearEdit

Fourth YearEdit


Robert Fowler, age 14