Rosamond Bancroft




Pure Blood

Best Subject(s):

Herbology and Charms

Interesting Tidbit:

Rosamond collects tea sets

Born Sept. 6th, 2002 to Tyler and Louisa Bancroft, Rosamond was easily one of the most beautiful children anyone had ever seen. Nature had indeed been kind, gracing her with clear, well proportioned features, and a sunny disposition. She smiled easily, laughed often, and was a joy to be around. She was always a precocious child, quite intelligent, and eager to learn more. As she grew, however, she began to learn the merits being ladylike and quiet. Her opinions were heard and her talents shared much more easily when she said them politely rather than forcefully.


Rosamond Bancroft

When she was old enough, she began attending Avalon with her sister, Juliette. There she made friends quickly and easily, and discovered a knack for charms and a green thumb she'd never noticed before. The way her plants thrived in the school gardens delighted her, and she took to spending most of her time there, when she wasn't off with her friends getting into the sort of playful mischief young girls get up to.

A member of the Witches League, she knows its doctrine, though she can't seem to muster up the passion to follow it with more activity than is necesarry. She'd much rather be working in her garden than handing out pamphelts warning girls to steer clear of the muggle riffraff. She's actually rather more open-minded about the whole thing than most people would believe. If asked, she would probably say she's never met a muggle or muggleborn, and that she really give much of an opinion.

Recently she has been made very very happy.

An arrangement was reached between her parents and the parents of one Oliver Bell . She'd know Oliver since childhood, and the two had always been friends, even through the days when children get odd ideas about cooties and which gender has them. She had begun to have rather tender feelings for Oliver, and he for her, so the match was most agreeable.

He proposed himself, presenting her with an engagement ring that had belonged to his grandmother. She'd almost been unable to accept as it would have required her to stop beaming for long enough to say the words. At 16, she found herself to be happier than she'd ever imagined possible.