Scarlet Irisa


May 27th 2004

Paris, France



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Pureblood - One Quarter Veela Blood

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Scarlet Irisa

Early LifeEdit

Scarlet Élise Irisa was born on May 27th 2004, to Jean-Pierre Irisa and Isabelle Irisa (nee Rosalita). She is the youngest in her family, having two twin older sisters, Alysse and Cherise. Unfortunately, Alysse passed away after an unfortunate flying accident in 2015, when Scarlet was 11 years old. Cherise is five years older than Scarlet, currently studying at Beauxbatons, France.

Scarlet grew up on the outskirts of Paris, France, where she was home-schooled by her parents, instead of attending muggle primary school, so she began her magic tuition earlier than most children. She started showing signs of magic wh

Scarlet Irisa - Aged 14

en she was 7, which was not unexpected because of her Pure-Blood heritage.

The Irisa's are a Pure-Blood family, with the exception of Scarlet's Grandmother, Gabrielle Rosalita, on her mother's side, being Veela, making Scarlet Pure-Blood, with one quarter Veela Blood.

The rest of Scarlet's family attended Beauxbatons for their secondary education, but Scarlet didn't want to follow in her family's footsteps her entire life, so she made the decision that instead, she wanted to go to Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

First Year Edit

Scarlet's first year at Hogwarts was not uneventful. She was sorted into Ravenclaw, which pleased her greatly, as she knew her parents would be proud, and that she'd be among people that had similar likes and dislikes to her.

During her first year she became friends with various people, but was close friends with Sophie, and then Hayley who joined in the Spring Term. Unfortunately, Scarlet did manage to get off on the wrong foot with a few people, including Robert Fowler, and they were constantly arguing and fighting, though to be fair sometimes it was Scarlet's fault and sometimes it was Robert's.

In October the first ball of the year was held, the Halloween Ball. During this Scarlet began her relationship with Michael Boot, another first year Ravenclaw. They fought often, as they both had tempers, but over all they got on well enough.

Christmas was fun, especially when the school held the famous Yule Ball, though the best part of Christmas had to be her favourite present, a little black kitten with four white socks, who went by the name of Socks. She took him nearly everywhere with her.

There was plenty of drama, with events such as Hayley, Scarlet and Sophie all managing to fall into the lake, Scarlet finding out she was a quarter veela blood, which started an interesting argument between her and Mike, and also starting off even more problems than she already had with the Slytherins.

The year ended though and they all managed to get through it in one piece, and the group of friends enjoyed the summer holidays, even spending a few weeks altogether at Sophie's house before returning for their second year.

Second YearEdit

Even before Second Year began the friends were together and enjoying part of the summer at Sophie's house, and even though they didn't always get along over all it seemed to have brought some of them a little closer together.

Her second year wasn't quite as action-packed as the first, but it came pretty close. One of the good things about the second year was that it marked the arrival of someone who would become one of her closest friends, Elavial Mirkwood.

One of the things that Scarlet had to come to terms to during her second year was Blood Status. She had no problem with it herself, and didn't care what her friends blood statuses were, or anyone elses. But because of her veela blood, the term half-breed starting being used by some of the more unpleasant students at Hogwarts, which caused Scarlet to become upset, and worry about people turning against her because of who she was.

Things seemed to get rather hectic for everyone else, for example, the attacks at the Halloween Masquerade Ball, and then the disappearance right after the school trip to Norway. A trip was organised mid-November for all students from first-fourth year, plus students taking Care of Magical Creatures on an trip to Norway. It was an interesting trip, and all seemed normal for the group of friends, except they came back to chaos. There had been a kidnapping, right from Ravenclaw Tower, and Otto Muhn and disappeared, and Scarlet didn't know much about the boy or the kidnapping, but she had heard the name Maze mentioned on several occasions. Unfortunately, the Norway excursion was also the time Michael Boot also disappeared mysteriously, and no one knew where he went, which unfortunately, signalled the end of their relationship together.

Second year had its ups, but it also had its downs. This was the year Seamus Cloak made his first appearance. Seamus was an arrogant, Slytherin bully, who liked nothing more than tormenting Scarlet and her friends, Scarlet, Robert and Hayley in particular, Hayley and Robert because of the relationship and Hayley's blood, and Scarlet because of her veela blood. The Slytherins made it hard for them all year, and it didn't do anything but get worse.

Saying that, Second Year wasn't entirely terrible. It was also the year Scarlet met Julius Sulpice. Scarlet was in the library one day when a Slytherin in her year came up and started talking to her. She was naturally wary of Slytherins at this point after the encounters with Seamus, but he seemed different, and she couldn't help but take a liking to him. They started to become friends, seeing each other sometimes, sometimes stopping to talk. These oppurtunities though were quite rare though, as Julius was in fact part of Seamus Cloak's gang, even though not entirely by choice, but this meant that he couldn't be seen with Scarlet by any Slytherins, in case Seamus found out. Scarlet didn't know any of this, and genuinely enjoyed spending time with Julius.

Fourth YearEdit

During Scarlet's fourth year, she really began to grow up, from the young child into someone more mature, trying not to create as much drama as she had in previous years.

One example of this is that she had gotten over her dislike of Robert Fowler, and over the Autumn Term they had become closer, and in general the five friends had become closer as a whole, and a set group was formed, all of the swapping about of the previous years finally finished. Scarlet was content with her four close friends; Hayley Harrison, Sophia MacMillan, Elavial Mirkwood and Robert Fowler.

Another development in Scarlet's life during Fourth Year is Julius Sulpice. After meeting Julius in her Second Year, Scarlet had been quick to trust him, as she put it he was 'different from the other Slytherins.' During a Gryffindor Party the pair became closer and they began their relationship. They had a few small fall-outs over things related to Julius siding with Slytherins, but most of those were misunderstandings, and they both knew things like that would come with the relationship, so it wasn't too much of a price to pay. The worst came in mid-November, when Scarlet found out about Julius' invlovement with Seamus Cloak via a Slytherin girl, which made upset Scarlet and made her doubt if he really was trustworthy, but by the end of the fight they ended up closer than before. They also made use of the Room of Requirement, meeting up there as other characters had, as their relationship was forbidden, and no one could know except their closest friends. Only a handful of people knew, though that didn't necessarily mean they approved. Scarlet was sure that Sophie and Ela didn't mind Julius, but Scarlet knew that Hayley didn't trust him, and Robert definitely did not, and disliked Julius, which did upset her, but she knew it would take time before they changed their minds.

There were a few run-ins with Slytherins during the Autumn Term, one of which had serious impact on Scarlet. She was alone when Caleb and Seamus cornered her and delivered a rather painful message. Other than that there were minor encounters, but she feared the worst was yet to come.

At the beginning of the year, Scarlet didn't feel as close to her friends as she used to. Even though nothing appeared wrong, no one was fighting, Hayley and Robert were no longer together, but Robert and Sophie became a couple, which Scarlet found highly suspicious, as Hayley and Robert clearly had strong feelings for each other. Everytime she brought up the subject, she was given a brush-off answer. Over time this built up to Scarlet feeling hurt and untrusted. In the end she convinced Sophie to tell her, and it turned out that they were doing it to keep Seamus off their backs. Scarlet understood but was deeply hurt by the fact that they didn't trust her enough to tell her. Hayley became angry that Sophie and Robert told Scarlet without her consent, and Scarlet and Hayley became extremely angry at each other, it was most likely their biggest argument since the two of them came to Hogwarts. It took a while, but Sophie, Hayley and Scarlet sorted out the argument, and Scarlet was much happier that her friends didn't feel like strangers to her anymore.


Scarlet Irisa - 4th Year

During the time that Scarlet was unsure of what was happening with her friends, she felt upset and alone, and so when Dorian Harte approached her in the library one day, she was open to his company and the two became good friends. She enjoyed his company, and even though he was not a part of her close group of friends, she enjoyed hanging out with him.

As previously said, Scarlet spent quite a lot of time alone during the whole Sophie/Robert/Hayley debacle, and one day when going for a walk, she stumbled upon a small, injured, baby Hippogriff, who appeared to have been abandoned by it's mother. Scarlet took in the baby Hippogriff and found a hidden room in the castle that no one else seemed to have found. She kept the Hippogriff there and fed it by meat the elves gave her from the kitchens, and healed it as best she could, occasionally reading up on spells in the library that might help. Scarlet named her Felix Felicis, as she was lucky to be alive. By Christmas, Flix (short for Felix Felicis) was a little under fully grown, and had learned how to hunt and was beginning to learn how to fly with the help of Scarlet. She was almost fully healed, with the exception of a small limp on her back right leg, which was clearing up rapidly.

One of Scarlet's favourite moments of the Autumn Term though had to be when her cousin, Christopher Renard, transferred from Beauxbatons to Hogwarts. Scarlet and her cousin, were so close, close as brother and sister, without the fighting and hating, and were inseperable right up until she went to Hogwarts in England and he stayed in France, so when Christophe transferred, it was like she'd gotten one of her best friends back, and Christophe was slowly becoming one of the group.

Just before christmas a roof-top sleepover was organised by Serenity and Annie, a few of the Gryffindor girls. The group of friends went plus some others people had invited, such as Walter, Miriam, Gleinster and Dorian. They played a harmless game of spin the bottle, which ended with Scarlet kissing Dorian. Scarlet had mixed feelings about this, she was mainly worried about their friendship, and if this would have any negative impact upon it. On a more pleasant note, Julius managed to make it to the party and Scarlet spent the rest of the evening with him. Their relationship was progressing well, and the pair were becoming more comfortable around each other, and for the first time in a while, Scarlet was content and relaxed.

Scarlet was planning to journey home for Christmas, but was invited to Fowler Manor by Robert, and so Scarlet accepted the offer to stay there instead, along with Hayley, Sophie, and Ela.