Sophie MacMillan
Sophie MacMillan





Best Classes

Charms, Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures

Worst Classes

Potions, DADA

as of May 2013, this character will be played by Hayley Harrison until Bekah Wilder chooses to return to play. 

Early LifeEdit

Sophia Grace MacMillan, or Sophie, was born November 11th 2004 to parents Ernie and Amanda MacMillan. She was raised in a particuarly nice house in Godrics Hollow with her older brother, James, and her younger sister, Katrina. Sophie's father is known for being friends with the famous Harry Potter and for participating in the battle of Hogwarts, and has worked for the Ministry of Magic since he graduated Hogwarts.

When Sophie was one and a half she climbed upon her brothers toddler broom and putted around the house. As she grew older she became very passionate about flying and about quidditch. Sophie also developed a love of animals due to her fathers occupation. She mentions at the beginning of A Life of Magic that she can hardly kill a fly.

It is mentioned in A Life of Magic that Sophie has had skills in both transfiguration and charms since the age of 10. She transfigured James' rat into a tea-cup, kettle, wine glass, and pin cushion. She also had learned how to use Wingardium Leviosa, Impedimenta, and Alohamora before her schooling officially began.

First YearEdit

Upon Sophie's first day, James left her on the train by herself. She found herself in a train car with Wesley Edison and Michael Boot, and hit it off with the two boys. Over the course of her first semester Sophie attempted to befriend all of the people in her house, including Scarelt Irisa, Glenister Spookshafe, and Desmond Warren. During the Halloween ball, Sophie decided to dress as Elphaba, the main character in her favorite muggle musical and book, which wasn't her brightest idea. Not many of her classmates understood the reference, and she was asked by Robert Fowler when she first met him if she was dressed as either a fairie or a ghoul.