The Room of Requirement has taken many forms in it's long life, each dependent on the needs of the one searching. For some it is a broom cupboard, for others a bathroom, but for each it is different. Below will be a description of the Room of Requirement as it appears and is used for varius characters of A Life of Magic.

Sophia MacMillon and Robert FowlerEdit

The first duo to use the Room of Requirement in LoM cannon were Sophie and Robert Fowler . Sophie was upset, and searched for a place where she could cry in peace. Robert came looking for her to comfort her. The room was simple then, just a bed. A big comfortable one with fluffy pillows.

Hayley Harrison and Robert FowlerEdit

After Seamus's threats and Maze's attacs, Robert and Hayley Harrison needed a place to meet in secret. A safe place.

"They had stepped on an unpaved path that led up a gentle slope. On the sides was grass. The path led to a small house on the top of a hill, at a cliff by the sea. Trees were dispersed around the slope. By the house stood a big oak tree under which a green wooden bench stood.

The slightly uneven walls of the one-level house were made of 'unpainted 'wooden panneling. The roof consisted of rooftiles in 'a faded red colour. In 'front was a small garden with various sorts of flowers, all caught 'behind a low, white fence.

The sky was clear, with only a few clouds to fill it. A summer sun washed down on thir faces and the scene, bringing its colours out optimally. Little daisies grew by the roadside, sometimes joined with clover and other herbs. All flora was in full bloom."


The room as it appears for Robert and Hayley

Little things have changed over time. The front door now bears a sign that says "no griffins allowed" and the contents of the house are added to as needed. Ointment for bruises, self closing curtains, whatever is needed tends to appear.

Sophie, Hayley, Robert and Desmond

When Sophie and Robert came up with their plan to avoid the torments of Seamus and Sophie's family, there were a couple of people they needed to get approval from. Sophie was involved with Desmond and of course Hayley and Robert were an irr efutable item. So they decided to meet in the Room of Requirement.

"The parlor was cold. Marbled floors and high, graceful ceilings created the illusion of open space. There was an air of forgotten grandeur, of old money and tradition. Hayley felt distinctly uncomfortable. It was like stepping into another world.

She'd asked for a place all of th'em could meet, and this is what it had come up with. There was a ceiling height bookshelf that ran the length of one 'wall, filled with bo'oks on transfiguration, muggle novels (which both Sophie and Hayley adored), and wizarding histories.


The room created for the group meeting

There was an assortment of couches and armchairs, all but one from the same set, upholstered in a beautiful green with gold accents. The one mismatched piece was a very familiar sofa. Simple, inelegant in design, it should have clashed with the room but it didn't. It seemed to enhance it's beauty simply by providing contrast. It was the sofa from their cottage by the sea."

The room made itself into a little bit of everything. High class for Desmond, the couch for Hayley and Robert and books for Sophie.

Scarlet Irisa and Julius SulpiceEdit

Scarlet Irisa met Julius Sulpice in her second year of Hogwarts, but it wasn't until later on that they became close. Though he is a member of Seamus's band of bullies, Julius is different from the rest. His belonging to the group is more an act of personal protection than anything else. He and Scarlet began using the room when their relationship became a bit more serious.

"It was completely outisde, with fields with flowers in and grass up to her waist as far as the eye could see. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining brightly and the sky was a clear blue, and it was all outside except for a large pavillion at the bottom of a winding path. The pavillion was almost completely covered so it was sheltered if it rained. From here she could see benches and pillows, and she couldn't wait to see what else was inside."

Scarlet and Julius ROR

The Room of Requirement for Scarlet and Julius