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Walter is the first student at Hogwarts brew a working Dragon's Breathe Potion before 6th year

Early LifeEdit

The second child of Theodore and Isabelle York, Walter had a happy childhood surrounded by a loving family made up of both the wizarding world and the muggle. He has an older brother already attending Hogwarts and 2 younger siblings, a brother and a sister. His brother will begin attending Hogwarts during Walter's 5th year, and his sister during his 7th. He adores his siblings, and they adore him in return.

His father is muggle-born and after leaving Hogwarts continued to work in the muggle world as a chef. The patrons of his restraunt never can tell exactly how he makes such delectible dishes. His mother works in the pediatric section of St.Mungo's Hospital, where her cheery disposition (which Walter shares) is much appreciated.

Years 1-3Edit

Walter was sorted into Hufflepuff after some consideration. The hat considered Gryffindor, but in the end Walter's tendency towards loyalty won out over bravery. He did not have the reckless spirit that most Lions have, though he is no coward.

He made friends quickly and easily, being generaly likable and always willing to lend a hand when needed. He's even popular among the older students, who appreciate his ability to sit still and have spells casted at him.

It was clear from the beginning that late nights in the kitchen with his father had made him naturaly predisposed towards potions. He is easily one of the most skilled potions students in his year, and has a good memory for recipes and ingredient qualities.

The first three years of Hogwarts passed uneventfully. He laughed with his friends, took spills off his broomstick, was once bitten by a bowtruckle and just lived his life. He went about his classes and holidays with the same easy grace, letting time go by and enjoying the good times when they came.

Fourth YearEdit


Walter York, age 14

Fourth year brought many changes to Walter's life. His work in Potions was realized and he was invited to join a new student academic group. There he had a more exposure, more one on one time with people in other houses and began to make new friends. There was where he got his first good look at Hayley Harrison, on whom he was to devlop a slight crush.

The reasoning behind that was simple, he never seen a person so miserable so much of the time. Walter is an observant person, he could see she was trying to hide it and that intrigued him. He wanted to help her. Walter has a generous heart, and he was moved by the pretty girl with the rare sunshine smile.

He got to know her better after he helped her out in potions, and they became friends. He took escorting her around the castle (one of her security measures) with good cheer and they began to spend more time together. He realized pretty quickly though, that her heart was elsewhere. After the roof party, he began to let the crush go, and settled for just friendship.

Academicaly, he continued to excel in potions, though his other classes were not as impressive. He even managed to brew up and invisibility potion once, but it was confiscated as soon as the professor noticed what he was doing.